Serengeti national park is known  for its wildlife and safaris, few national parks hold the same iconic status as the Serengeti, Tanzania’s oldest and most popular reserve. Home to all of Africa’s Big cats, this massive park spans some 12,000 square miles of savannah, open plains and rugged cliffs that some one million wildebeests, two hundred thousand zebra and three hundred thousand gazelle call home.

IN Serengeti National Park includes the endless plains, lakes, hills and the rock outcrops called kopjes. The main game drive areas in the Serengeti are the Seronera Valley, the Western Corridor, and Lobo or northern Serengeti. The Seronera valley in central Serengeti endowed with permanent surface water attract a large concentration of wildlife throughout the year. Common animals that can be seen here are lions, buffaloes, impalas, hippos, waterbucks, elephants, cheetahs and the leopard. From December – May, eastern Serengeti plains provide the best opportunities for game viewing as hundreds of thousands of the animals migration are concentrated in this part attracted by the short palatable grass.