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The founder of Mawiri Tours and Safaris.

A strong feeling and love  for Tanzania and sharing its beauty  has led him to the creation of Mawiri Tours. Razack  was born and raised in Arusha, He attended the university and obtained a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with Corporate Management as well as Bachelor Degree in Accountancy.

His mission is to ensure  that finance and administration is rigorously maintained for the benefit of our clients. Razack enjoys the travel business as it allows him to share his ideas and experiences with others

Our Guides

“We engage additional guides with experience and special knowledge based on the type of safari you choose.”

Mawiri Tours & Safaris works with safari guide-drivers with 4 plus years of experience, many of whom are guides for National Geographic documentaries and are among the elite safari guides in East Africa. They are experts in understanding and explaining various disciplines including natural eco-culture systems, biodiversity and wildlife habitats you will be viewing.

They are knowledgeable about the geological conditions that formed the unique eco-environment and landscapes you will see, the prey-predator wildlife habits of the immense variety of species in the region, have a general knowledge about the fascinating and colorful traditional bush communities inhabiting the African bush and Rift Valley, are fluent in various languages including English, trained in many safety procedures and can quickly fix any issue at a moment’s notice that can occur in the rough bush terrain.

As such, the tour guide group leader plays a significant role in you having a great, safe and well-informed safari experience and it is the cultural and professional tradition in East African that safari guides receive part of their compensation through the tips and gratitude of their clients.

These compensations through gratuity are completely voluntary and are at your discretion which depend upon your level of satisfaction with your experience and your own cultural guidelines with regards to tipping. As a general guideline however, safari guide are usually presented with a gift of around $20 per client a day. This equally applies to the guides that take you on our cultural experiences in their own communities.

Regardless of the level of tipping you wish to give our guides or drivers, their satisfaction is your enjoyment and to enrich you with a wonderful experience in our country. Please know though that any gratuity should be presented after the safari has concluded.


Tour Guide

 Johnson is an experienced guide who loves to share his enthusiasm with every group on safari. He is committed to ensuring  that the  clients’ African wildlife dreams come true right before their eyes.

Johnson was born and raised in Arusha where he attended Wildlife College to study wildlife management and conservation. After obtaining his diploma,

Johnson  decided to work in the field as a tour guide. He joined one of the largest tour companies in Arusha and worked with their team for 6 years before joining Mawiri Tours and Safaris. From the varied landscapes to the wild mammals,

Johnson loves everything about leading safaris.

He is committed   to making sure that the specialist tour guides we work with enhance our client’s experience.