Zanzibar is the best beautiful island located in the indian ocean fifteen (15) miles off the cost of the Tanzania. The Zanzibar island consists of more than 50 islands, most of which have a long history and a rich cultural mix. This is Known as the Spice Island, the beautiful island of Zanzibar on Africa’s east coast is bursting with culture and history, seemingly at odds with its calm geography of white-sand beaches with palms swaying lazily in the sea breeze. Together this makes Zanzibar a wonderful place to explore as well as a dream to relax and unwind.

The larger islands in the island are highly fertile, with many agricultural resources. They’re covered with small farms and everywhere the air is thick with the aroma spices – it’s an exotic atmosphere. The beaches on these islands are often stunning: many are powdery white sand, shaded by palm trees. The sea is shallow and tropical, and the reefs are great for snorkelling and diving.




Stone Town, is also recognized as Mji Mkongwe, Here is the old part of Zanzibar City The newer portion of the city is known as Ng’ambo, ‘the other side’. Stone Town is located on the western coast of Unguja,

Stone Town is the cultural and historical heart of Zanzibar. It is an attractive maze of narrow streets that are a joy to travel around. Discover restaurants, churches, markets and gardens. There are also abundance of interesting places to visit.



House of Wonders, here is the home to the Museum of History and Culture, is not only the largest, but also the tallest building in Stone Town. Built in 1883, the palace was the first building on the island to have electricity and the first in the region to have a working elevator. Since the early 2000s, House of Wonders has showcased a permanent collection of artifacts related to Swahili and Zanzibar culture.



Travelers looking for an authentic East African experience need look no further than the crowded stalls and narrow passes of Darajani Market (Marikiti Kuu). From early morning until late at night locals and visitors alike wander between merchants selling tree-ripened fruits, freshly caught fish, savory stews and spicy local delights.



This is the popular beach in Zanzibar, since many tourists visit there  it’s often a destination for European tourists. Nungwi offers travelers plenty to do, see and experience. Morning and nighttime dive trips are among the most popular activities in Nungwi. Sunset cruises to Kendwa, the Mnarani Aquarium and Sea Turtle Conservation, deep-sea fishing and wilderness cycling also rank high among activities for travelers. Zanzibar has better beaches, since the coast of Nungwi are settled with locals looking to book safaris, sell goods and solicit visitors